E3 Flex Shower Head

Thanks to our innovative water in air technology a Kelda shower can create 2.4 times the spray force of a traditional shower. The E3 Flex shower head operates at flow rates from 3.5 - 6.0 litres per minute. This means an equivalent spray force of 8.4 - 14.4 litres per minute.

Unlike any other product, a Kelda shower is proven to halve water use and reduce heating costs and at the same time improve shower experience.

Key features

The shower head reinvented.

Our patented technologies are drawn from cutting-edge aerospace and automotive engineering. Instead of thrusting liquid fuel into an air flow system as in a vehicle, we inject water into air.

Within the patented shower head water is broken into the perfect size droplets by the air, at the optimum ratio, and accelerated through one of 5 jet-type nozzles to create a spray force that is equivalent to 2.4 times the power of a traditional shower, for any given flow rate.

Directional shower head.

Extensive research from customer trials inspired us to design our unique E3 Flex shower head which can be adjusted through 40° of movement to provide a more personalised shower with maximum spray coverage.

The E3 Flex is perfect for customers who want to take a shower without washing their hair. Our single non-adjustable 5 spray plate removes the need for a complex adjusting mechanism concentrating purely on providing an invigorating shower experience.

The highest standards.

Our innovative shower heads have been designed to provide hassle-free maintenance for facilities. All Kelda shower heads feature our unique single mode spray plate with fixed spray and no moving parts, meaning water can’t become trapped which significantly reduces the risk of water stagnation, bacterial growth and the spread of infection.

The result is a more hygienic and healthier shower system which is compliant with global health guidelines and WRAS approved.

Installation options

A Kelda shower system can be installed in a rear service void, ceiling space, or if neither is available housed in an elegant panel with integrated control.

Service Void

Service Void

Step 1. Blended supply water from valve redirected to Control Hub.

Step 2. Water supply from Control Hub to E3 shower head.

Step 3. Air supply from Control Hub to E3 shower head.

Ceiling Space

Ceiling Space

Step 1. Blended supply water from valve direct to E3 shower head.

Step 2. Air supply from Control Hub to E3 shower head.



Step 1. Blended supply water from valve to Control Hub.

Step 2. Water supply from Control Hub to E3 shower head.

Step 3. Air supply from Control Hub to E3 shower head.

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