Guest water usage in rooms and leisure facilities is one of the biggest operating expenses for hotels - with Kelda, you can save over 50% each and every month on water and water heating for showers.

Kelda Shower Systems are independently verified to save over 50% in water costs and 50% in water heating costs, without compromise to the user experience. Using our patented water in air technology, a medium sized hotel with 200 rooms can realise annual savings in excess of £25,000, each and every year.


There’s more to Kelda Shower Systems than just your bottom line – we’re improving the experience of your guests and making hospitality facilities safer. Find out more about how Kelda is revolutionising commercial showers below.

Discover how much you could save each year with a Kelda Shower System trial


Providing a first class guest experience helps boost your guest satisfaction and repeat business levels.

Whether you’re a national chain with thousands of rooms or a single site hotelier, cost efficiencies need to be balanced with guest experience. Not only do Kelda Shower Systems dramatically reduce operating costs, they also ensure your guests enjoy an invigorating shower.

Reducing the risk of waterborne disease protects your members and your reputation.

The UK Government Department of Health has verified that the Kelda Shower System is up to 20 times safer than aerating showers and up to 6 times safer than standard showers in preventing the transmission of Legionella Disease.


In recent years, there have been a number of high profile and catastrophic outbreaks of Legionella Disease – by installing Kelda Shower Systems, you’re taking positive action in reducing this risk.

New build or retrofit, it’s a simple installation.

Upgrading to Kelda Shower Systems is straightforward and cost effective, whatever your size and type of hotel operation.

With hundreds of Kelda Shower System units installed successfully to date, you can have confidence that we’ll provide a solution that delivers the projected savings, is in keeping with your hotel brand and improves user satisfaction.


Kelda Shower Systems can either be installed by your approved contractors or by Kelda Technology directly and all our installations are covered by our industry leading parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind.

Can I retrofit Kelda Shower Systems

Yes, retrofitting Kelda Shower Systems is a simple process. Our modular system can either connect to your existing shower valves or alternatively, we can supply a range of new valves to suit.  Installation is comparable to traditional showers in terms of cost and duration and we are able to offer a supply only option, or a turn-key package to suit your needs.

What Savings Should I Expect?

A typical hotel with around 200 rooms and no wet leisure facilities can expect to realise savings in excess of £25,000 per year in water supply and drainage and water heating costs. For larger hotels with a more rooms and leisure facilities, the savings generated will increase accordingly and we’ve seen forecast annual savings in excess of £35,000 for a single site. In all cases, we expect that hotels will see a time to return on investment of less than 24 months.

What Maintenance is Required?

Kelda Shower Systems require no maintenance or servicing over and above routine cleaning. The modular nature of the system ensures that in the unlikely event of any component failure, replacement is quick, straightforward and cost effective. The Kelda Shower System has undergone rigorous testing, both in the Kelda Technology laboratory and on site in commercial trials and is covered by our comprehensive warranty.

Who Uses Kelda Technology?

Since our launch in early 2016, we’ve quickly built a reputation amongst operators for technological excellence and a genuine focus on delivering first rate customer care. We’ve developed partnerships with some of the leading leisure operators in the UK, Europe and Latin America and case studies are available on request from our marketing team.