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Product Marketing Manager

Salary:                        £50-55K

Hours:                          40 hours a week

Location:                     Southampton

The Role

The Product Marketing Manager will perform a leadership role with Commercial and Technical teams to develop product definition for delivery to the market via B2B and B2C channels.

Key Responsibilities

– Liaison between Commercial and Technical functions to develop product specifications based on data driven information from the marketplace to meet time, quality and cost objectives.

– Further develop product planning processes and carry out feasibility studies for new projects.

– Formulate and drive the project plan for the complete development lifecycle.

– Working with Marketing and Sales teams, analyse competitor and market dynamics to predict future market requirements.

– Attend trade association and other meetings to gather trends and legal requirements from UK, EU and Global markets.

– Provide support for interactions with customers and prospects, face to face, at events, seminars and exhibitions, working with marketing and sales teams.

– Communicate confidently with all levels both internal and external to the business.

– Work with other departments, in particular, Manufacturing, Test and Quality, to ensure our Design for Manufacture criteria are met.

– Communicate the value of new products to the sales team and develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process.

– Plan and take part in the launch of new products and involve several different departments in such launches.

– Develop comprehensive marketing plans for sales and marketing teams

– Determine the most profitable course for each existing and new product

Skills/ Experience Required – Essential

– Previous experience in international marketing or product growth

– Ability to communicate and co-ordinate multidisciplinary development team.

– Degree qualified

– Knowledge of issue management/tracking and reporting

– A minimum of 3 years relevant experience

– Project management of internal and external resources

– Experience of new product development

– New product introduction into manufacturing.


– Previous experience within the water, shower or domestic or commercial appliance industries

Next Steps

If you think you are suitable for this role, please send a cover letter with your application to claireh@keldatechnology.com


Electronics Engineer

Salary:                      £35K

Hours:                       40 hours a week

Location:                  Chilworth, Southampton

The Role:

Kelda Technology has an exciting new opportunity for an Electronics Engineer. The role will be to develop and improve current electronic capabilities within the company.

Key Responsibilities:

– Primarily working on hardware design but may also work on firmware/software or work with dedicated software engineers. Involved in new design projects as well as support to existing production and other areas of the company.

– Document design work and prepare reports, ensuring design files and information are kept up to date and stored in accordance with company procedures.

– Carry out detailed electronic circuit design, including simulation and design verification testing of the new design.

– Select new parts, taking into consideration obsolescence, availability and cost.

– Prepare and present electronic designs to other members of the design team at design reviews.

Skills/ Experience Required – Essential

– Degree in electronic engineering or similar subject

– Experience in a similar role

– Must be experienced in the development of electro/mechanical product

– From an electro/mechanical background, ideally within the appliance or installation industry

– Experience within a design / laboratory environment would be an advantage.


– Previous experience within the water, shower or domestic or commercial appliance industries.

Next Steps

If you think you are suitable for this role, please send a cover letter with your application to claireh@keldatechnology.com


Installation & Test Technician

Salary:                                       £35k – £40K

Hours:                                        40 hours a week

Location:                                    Chilworth, Southampton, SO16 7NP

The Role

To support the design and development of new and existing products in line with the business plan. Reporting to the Head of Design.

Key Responsibilities

– Control the preparation of prototypes, performance & endurance testing of company & competitors’ products.

– Help build and run one or more labs within the business for prototype trials.

– Develop departmental processes in order to comply with future requirements for ISO9001 and ISO 14001.

– Make certain all equipment is maintained in a good functional condition & that calibrations & test procedures are up to date.

– Give constructive feedback during the development of new products, also alerting the business to potential product quality issues.

– To attend sites to install and monitor field trials.

– Construct ‘Design of Experiments’ and filter test data and reports.

– Any other reasonable demand made by the business.

Skills/ Experience Required – Essential

-Must be experienced in the development of electro/mechanical products.

– From an electro/mechanical/plumbing background, ideally within the appliance or installation industry.

– Experience within a design / laboratory environment would be an advantage.

– NICEIC fully ‘Approved Installer’


Previous experience within the water, shower or domestic or commercial appliance industries.

Next Steps

If you think you are suitable for this role, please send a cover letter with your application to claireh@keldatechnology.com


Kelda Technology – Flying the UK Clean Tech Flag

Kelda Technology, the global innovators in water efficient showers are all set for a busy June as they fly the flag for British clean tech in Astana and San Francisco.

In Astana, Kazakhstan the company will be taking part in the Global Expo 2017, themed ‘Future Energy and Kelda Technology will be showcasing their range of commercial shower products at Global Expo 2017.


The first World Fair was held in 1851 in Hyde Park in London on the initiative of Henry Cole, a statesman, entrepreneur and designer, and Prince Albert. The Fair’s motto was a slogan “Let all nations work on the great deal – betterment of society”.


Astana EXPO-2017 has an environmental focus, bringing together the best green developments to showcase future energy concepts and also the best ways to bring such technology to those in most need. Representatives from Kelda Technology will be at Expo 2017 between 18th and 21st June.

The week before the Expo, Chris Jackson the CEO at Kelda Technology will be taking part in the Clean and Cool mission to San Francisco.


Clean and Cool brings together some of the most exciting businesses in fields such as energy supply and systems, urban living and smart infrastructure, automotive and smart mobility, agricultural and food, robotics, advanced materials and manufacturing.


At the heart of the week in California is a programme designed to help CEOs explore cross border opportunities, find faster routes to market and ways to overcome some of the challenges facing businesses in the clean energy sector.




aerating shower head

Aerating Showers – Busting the Myths

Our blog post last month referred to an independent study that demonstrates the Kelda Technology Shower System is 20x safer than an aerating shower in guarding against harmful legionella when comparing the generation of aerosols which carry the legionella bacterium.


Not only are aerating showers a potential health hazard for commercial shower operators, there’s also a whiff of snake oil about them. Here’s our top reasons why when it comes to saving water and ensuring a decent shower experience, aerating showers just don’t cut the mustard:


1. Aerating showers are only suitable for high-flow mixer installations, applying to roughly 10% of UK housing stock which have above 8 litres per minute flow rate. Aerating showers do not work with electric showers or low flow mixers.


2. All known aerating showers simply restrict flow using flow restrictors to attempt to save water and energy.


3. Aerating showers restricts flow and aerate water to change spray ‘feel’.  Independent analysis has shown there is no measurable boost in performance.


4. Unlike the Kelda Technology Shower System, air is sucked in to aerate water.  Water pressure/flow is used to suck atmospheric air into flow through small venturi.  This disrupts the spray pattern as air escapes from spray plate but does not increase spray force.


5.  The Kelda Technology Shower System has an infinitely variable air boost control and water flow courtesy of the digital control module that drives our air module. Aerating showers have no control.


Kelda Technology Receives Outstanding Safety Results Following Study Relating to Legionella

A new independent study proves Kelda Technology’s innovative water and energy-saving eco power shower is significantly safer than competing eco showers in limiting the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

Dr John Shrimpton of the University of Southampton has carried out an independent study that demonstrates the Kelda Technology Shower System is 20x safer than an aerating shower in guarding against harmful legionella when comparing the generation of aerosols which carry the legionella bacterium.

Legionnaires’ disease, is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia that can be contracted by inhaling legionella bacteria in tiny droplets or aerosols smaller than 10 microns during showering.

Dr Makin, co-author of the UK’s Legionella guidelines stated showers which have the ability to significantly reduce the number of aerosols they release offer an increased level of safety in relation to transmission of waterborne infections such as Legionnaires’ disease and should be of interest to leisure centres, hotels, cruise ships and the healthcare sector.”
Using a laser diffraction technique, scientists at the University of Southampton measured water droplet sizes from different shower heads and concluded the Kelda shower produced remarkably fewer inhalable particles of the size necessary to contract the disease.

Dr Shrimpton said “This is a really interesting finding that the Kelda shower spray form produces much fewer aerosols of a respirable size and so is safer in guarding against Legionella when showering”.

In response to the study, Chris Jackson CEO of Kelda Technology stated “It is great to be able develop the Kelda shower technology with our local university in Southampton. These results serve to further endorse just how innovative and revolutionary the technology in our shower is”.

Chris Jackson Kelda Technology

SETsquared announced its exclusive list of top 50 entrepreneurs at a reception at the House of Commons on Wednesday (29 March).


The top 50 entrepreneurs to be honoured have all reached milestone achievements, such as successfully raising a significant amount of investment, exporting products globally, had considerable societal impact, or achieved a world first.


SETsquared, which is celebrating its 15th year in 2017, is the enterprise partnership of the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Surrey and Southampton, and the global number one university business incubator. It has supported over 1,000 high-tech, high-growth companies who have had significant economic impact, collectively raising over £1bn of investment and creating over 9,000 jobs.


The announcement of SETsquared’s top 50 entrepreneurs will take place on the historic day that Prime Minister Theresa May is to trigger Article 50, and serves as a strong reminder of strength of UK technology innovation and entrepreneurship in the global market.


Being identified as one of the top 50 entrepreneurs from a talent pool of over 1,000 is a real accolade and testament to their hard work, dedication and entrepreneurship.


To draw up the list, SETsquared was assisted by an expert panel of investors and innovation corporate leaders. Entrepreneurs on the list are running companies that range across industries such as health, green technology and 5G and wireless communication.


Michael Queen, an investor on the panel, commented: “Creating a successful business requires talented entrepreneurs and a great idea but this isn’t enough. SETsquared acts as a catalyst providing support, logistics, training and mentoring to turn dreams into reality. Over the last 15 years, SETsquared has made a major contribution to building a dynamic technology based business sector in the UK.”


The reception at the House of Commons will provide an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements along with MPs and special guests, as well as sharing stories on their personal entrepreneurial journey.


See the full list of the top 50 entrepreneurs and the ones to watch: www.setsquared.co.uk/top50

kelda Technology Greentech

Coop Energy,  innovation and progress in the energy business has hailed Kelda Technology as a ‘Greentech Hero’ in an interview with Adrian Mosley.

Coop Energy is committed to sustainability and has ambitions to obtain 75% of their energy from renewable sources within the next three years. As a step towards this, they’ve already ceased energy that is generated from coal fired power stations. We’re delighted to have been recognised by such a forward thinking organisation with whom we share a common commitment to sustainability.

Kelda Technology was featured alongside other progressive greentech companies including Olio, Vantage Power, Macrebur, open energi and pod point.

See the full coverage of Kelda Technology here.

Chris Jackson Kelda Technology

Kelda Technology has been featured by the Daily Express by the paper’s City and Business Editor Maisha Frost.

The coverage, led to a huge boost in enquiries to Kelda, from all over the UK – from businesses looking to save water and consumers eager to see the domestic shower launched and available for home users.

The Kelda Technology Shower Systems are available for commercial users for immediate delivery and have already been chosen by some of the leading gym and leisure chains in the UK and Latin America.

See the full coverage in the Daily Express here.