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With 6 patents granted and 19 pending, our unique water in air technology is world leading.

In automotive engineering the carburettor has a venturi, which creates a pressure difference that causes fuel to be drawn into the air stream. When this occurs, air and fuel are mixed together, creating a spray of fuel in air. Optimum performance, as seen in Formula One and motor sport, requires the right mix of fuel and air, which is turbocharged.


Kelda Technology’s shower systems work in a similar way. Fuel is replaced with water, which is broken into droplets by air to form a spray. It carefully manages the optimum mix of water in air, which is then accelerated using a jet-type nozzle to create a spray force that has 2.4 times the power of a standard shower.


Not to be confused with so called eco shower systems that simply restrict flow, the Kelda Shower System not only saves water, but delivers an invigorating shower experience.

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Computer modelled to input air and water into the shower head at the perfect volume and velocity.


High-speed air meets the pressurised water and forms the perfect droplet size


Atomised droplets are accelerated out of the five precision engineered nozzles to give a powerful shower experience

Choose from either a panelled shower solution or the service void installation, plus integration with all shower control valves on the market.

The digital control module and air module can be installed in service voids or ceiling spaces and for sites without this access, a panelled shower solution is available in a range of colours to suit your brand. The Kelda Shower System comes as standard with a digital timed flow valve, but can also integrate with other control valves, including timed flow, thermostatic mixer and IR controls.