Next-Gen Shower.

At Kelda, we’re transforming the way we use water.


The UN predicts that by 2030 the world is projected

to face a 40% global water deficit.


Using our patented Triple-E Technology, we’ve

created a shower that uses 50% less water but

delivers 200% more power, without

compromising shower experience.


Welcome to the next-generation shower.

Why Kelda?

Kelda Technology has created the world’s most efficient shower system, designed and manufactured in the UK. Our patented technologies are drawn from cutting-edge aerospace and automotive engineering.


Our mission is to transform the way we use water – our priority, to disrupt the stagnant shower industry.


We use intelligent technology to deliver the world’s most advanced shower system. Costs are reduced, customers are satisfied and your organisation is empowered to play a breakthrough role in safeguarding the planet’s future. Kelda’s innovative clean technology creates a cascade of benefits for your business and for the environment.

Triple-E Technology


Taking care of your customers.


With Kelda your customers will receive a better shower whilst using less water. But it’s not just your customers that enjoy an improved experience – you will too. From trusted UK manufacturing to easy, disruption-free installation the entire Kelda experience is exceptional by design.


Taking care of your bottom line.


Water is a primary cost with many ancillary costs attached to it. With Kelda you unlock a cascade of benefits that come from halving your water usage. From reducing heating costs to lower transportation costs we’ll help you improve operational efficiencies across a number of metrics.


Taking care of the planet.


Supported by the Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Carbon Trust, Kelda products help you to actively integrate sustainability principles into your business. By adopting smart technologies which reduce wastage of our most important natural resource you demonstrate the pursuit of far reaching environmental goals.

E3 Shower Heads

E3 Fixed

The E3 Fixed is a wall mounted shower head that distributes water evenly to all nozzles for a balanced flow. Our patented technology that not only improves water efficiency but enhances spray performance for a better shower experience.


Key features

  • Fixed head with single spray mode
  • 2.0 x spray force*
  • 50% savings in water & water heating

*for any given flow rate


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E3 Flex

The E3 Flex is a state-of-the-art shower head, precision engineered to deliver the next generation shower experience. The shower head can be simply adjusted to personalise spray direction and maximise spray coverage.


Key features

  • Flex head with single spray mode
  • 2.0 x spray force*
  • 50% savings in water & water heating

*for any given flow rate


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The Control Hub

At the heart of our innovation is the Control Hub featuring SMART technology. A microprocessor within the Control Hub carefully controls the optimum level of water and air flow propelled to our patented E3 shower head.

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