Kelda wins Most Innovative New Product – Building Innovations Award 2019

Kelda wins Most Innovative New Product – Building Innovations Award 2019

Kelda wins Most Innovative New Product at the Building Innovation Awards 2019


We are very proud to announce that Kelda Technology has won the Most Innovative New Product Award, for its revolutionary water-saving shower system, at the Building Innovation Awards 2019. Many thanks to the UKBE for a fantastic Awards Ceremony. The award was presented to Kelda Technology by Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director at Marshalls, the leading supplier of landscaping solutions. 


About Building Innovation Awards:


The Building Innovation Awards recognise and celebrate the pioneering individuals, organisations and partnerships that are embracing emerging technologies and digital transformation in order to take UK construction to the next level.


About Kelda:


Kelda Technology has created the world’s most efficient shower system, designed and manufactured in the UK. It’s mission is to transform the way the world uses water.


Kelda aim to revolutionise methods of delivering water for the good of our planet. Over a quarter of the world’s population is already facing water shortages and drought. Kelda is responding to urgent challenges by applying cutting edge science and engineering expertise to developing clean sustainable technologies.


Kelda uses British made innovation to disrupt stagnant thinking and change the global mindset.


The next generation of Kelda Technology Shower Systems feature a SMART Control Hub incorporating digital microprocessor and fan that controls and propels the optimum flow of water and air to our patented E3 shower head. Within the innovative shower head, water is injected into the air and accelerated out of one of 5 jet-type nozzles.


Unlike any other, a Kelda shower system uses 50% less water but delivers 200% more power, without compromising shower experience.


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Kelda Technology, 02381 290 640,

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